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Jazzy Lamboy, Birth & Postpartum Doula
Located in Crestview, Florida

Proud to offer discounts for military, teachers, and single parents!

About Me

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood doula! I'm Jazzy; I am the wife to an amazing man, mama to two beautiful boys, fur mom to a fourteen-year-old lab, and many more things. Coming from a large family, I have always had a passion for families and children. I have served families before as a nanny and preschool teacher for several years. It wasn't until the birth of my own children that I realized the need for advocacy and education within the birth realm, especially for BIPOC communities. While I didn't have traumatic birthing experiences with my sons, I do wish I would have known then what I know now. Once I learned about the maternal morbidity and mortality rate for women of color in the U.S., that was enough to encourage me to take a doula training and do my part to show families the power they already hold to have the birthing experience they deserve!

I received my birth doula training through the National Black Doula Association and completed a mentorship program through them as well. I am continuing my doula education with a postpartum doula training, a pregnancy and postpartum herbal course, and a professional membership with Evidenced Based Birth. I am excited to support your family!


What is a birth doula?

A birth doula is a non-medical professional that provides educational/informational, physical, emotional, and spiritual support to families through pregnancy, labor, birth, and in the immediate postpartum. Doulas also arm expecting families with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions around their birthing experience, and to advocate for themselves and what is best for them. Doulas are a part of the birthing team and are not a replacement for your partner, midwife or OB, or any other supportive member. 

Studies show that by having continuous non-medical support during labor and birth, people are more likely to have fewer instances of medical interventions, such as needing to be medically induced, receiving pain medication, or having a cesarean section. People who had continuous support during birth also report having more overall positive feelings around their birth experience.

There is a black maternal mortality crisis, where black women are dying at rates three to four times higher than our white counterparts. Having black doulas, black birth educators, and other black birth professionals can help make a difference. Representation matters, knowledge is power, and advocacy matters!

Father Holding Twins

Philosophy and Mission Statement


Since the beginning of time, women have been birthing babies and supporting one another through that journey into motherhood. I am here to offer all women, especially women of color, emotional and physical support, knowledge, and positive energy. Women deserve to have the empowering, organic birthing experience they desire. My goal is to be fluid like water flowing through a river, so that I may meet your needs on every step of your birthing journey.

Mission Statement

I strive to help create an empowering birthing experience for families of color by providing fluid physical and emotional support.


Birth Doula

I offer several packages for birth and postpartum care. Don't see something you like? Let's work together to customize a package for your specific needs!

Home Visits

Most packages include two prenatal visits in your home and two postpartum visits also in your home. Virtual option for visits also available.

Postpartum Services

Postpartum services include meal planning, meal prep, herbal tea blends, body balms, light housekeeping, grocery pickup, childcare, etc.


Complete Doula Package

  • 2 In-home prenatal appointments • Assistance with birth options • Labor/birth support • Lactation support (within our scope) • 2 Postpartum in-home visits within 2 weeks after the birth • 15 hours of postpartum support (light home cleaning, meal prep, grocery pickup, etc.) (May purchase additional hours for $20/hour) (If opting out of postpartum support, package drops in price) • 24/7 Email/Text/Phone & video support for up to 4 weeks postpartum (if needed)

Virtual Doula Package

  • 2 In-home or virtual prenatal appts • Assistance with birth options • Virtual presence during labor and birth • Virtual lactation support (within our scope) • 2 Postpartum in-home or virtual visits within 2 weeks after the birth • 15 hours of postpartum support (light home cleaning, meal prep, grocery pickup, etc.) (May purchase additional hours for $20/hour) (If opting out of postpartum support, package drops in price) • 24/7 Email/Text/Phone & video support for up to 4 weeks postpartum (if needed)

Birth Only Package

  • Doula on-call 37-42 weeks for the Birth Only • One prenatal visit to go over comfort measures • Labor and birth support, and immediate postpartum • Text/Email/video support throughout course of care • Access to extensive birth knowledge and resources

Boutique Doula Support

  • Informational support through the course of care • Prenatal/Postpartum nutritional support and counseling • Up to five (5) video or over the phone consults • Emailed / text support

Postpartum Doula Support

  • Help with anything within reason, including meal planning and/or meal prep, light housekeeping, grocery pickup, childcare, etc. • Available for overnight support for an additional $5/hour • Postpartum support may be used anytime up to 6 weeks postpartum

Birth and Breastfeeding Workshops

  • Individualized classes for birth preparation and comfort measures, and introductory breastfeeding education (each course is 2 hours long)



If you've been debating on getting a Doula to support you through your pregnancy and after, look no further! Jazzy is an amazing support partner to have by your side virtually or in person. As a first time mom, there was (still is) a lot I wasn't sure about, and she not only eased my mind, but provided me with additional resources to help me get comfortable with everything. She even got my husband involved and showed and explained to him how he can support me through labor and after the baby was born. If more babies are in my future, I won't hesitate to have Jazzy support me along the way again!

Elizabeth K.

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